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Salt and Light Merch: Is your noise joyful?

Salt and Light Merch: Is your noise joyful?


What kind of noise are you making? How do people perceive you... it's not always about the volume in which you speak as it's easy to mute yourself. However, your expressions, attitude, and actions can still be deafening to others.

Today more than ever – we need to be aware of the way we interact when around others, not just our family and friends. We are called to be “Salt and Light” - yet it is not always the words that come out of our mouth that make the biggest impression.  It’s the attitudes, frustrations, quiet stares, side glances, and self-absorption at times that society will take note of.

Let’s be real, we all have our bad days where we just want to go and hide, but did Jesus? No, He never backed away from helping others or from trying to spread His light.

Just think for a moment… the multitude of people that Jesus interacted with daily that shunned, laughed, mocked, and ignored Him? Did this stop Him, did he become disgruntled and retreat? No, He would only set time aside to be alone to pray & cry out to God for help, guidance and asking that God would forgive others.

Take a moment today to think about it… how’s your noise? Are you being an Influencer for Christ… can people see the Lord working in and through you? What is setting you apart, that makes somebody want to know more?


Psalm 98:4 | Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.